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Battery replacement by factory-trained technicians

Starting at $129.95!

Sterling McCall Acura offers complete car battery service in the Houston area. Our factory-trained technicians will test and replace your car battery on site. We not only offer competitive prices on car batteries and car battery installation but also wash and vacuum every car brought in for service.

Contact us today by calling (713) 596-2332.


Front brake pads

Starting at $179.95!*

Brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. Consequently, regular brake maintenance is essential to keeping your vehicle safe. At Sterling McCall Acura, our expert technicians will carefully examine your brakes to diagnose any issues and then perform brake maintenance and repair. At our Service Center in Houston, TX we provide the following brake services:

• Inspection of hydraulics, fluid, and hardware
• Replacement of brake pads and shoes
• Brake fluid service
• Brake hardware service

In addition to offering regular specials and competitive prices on brake services and repair in the Houston area, we wash and vacuum every car brought in for service.

Schedule an appointment with one of our technicians today. Questions? Contact us at (713) 596-2332.


Oil Changes by factory-trained technicians

Starting at $29.95!

Conventional oil service start at – $29.95
High mileage oil service start at – $49.95
Full synthetic oil service start at – $69.95

Sterling McCall Acura offers competitive prices on oil and filter change services in the Houston, TX, area. To protect your investment and to keep your vehicle running smoothly, it is important to have your oil changed and your filter inspected at the manufacturer-recommended intervals. When you bring your Acura to our Houston, TX, Service Center, our expert technicians will inspect, clean, change and fill all the essential components of your vehicle to help keep it in great condition.

We also wash and vacuum every car brought in for service so that vehicles leave our Service Center in optimal condition.

Schedule an appointment today to take advantage of our competitively priced oil and filter change services! Questions? Contact us at (866) 484-7409.


Factory-recommended tires installed by factory-trained technicians

Starting at $134.95!

Tires are one of the most critical components of your vehicle. The performance and life of your tires depends on a variety of factors, including tire type, inflation pressure, wheel alignment, driving habits and road conditions. Routine tire maintenance ensures that your vehicle enjoys superior safety and performance. You can trust your tire care to the experienced professionals in our Houston Service Center.

At Sterling McCall Acura we offer the following services:
• Tire inspection
• Computerized wheel alignment for front and rear suspension
• Tire rotation to prevent uneven wear, increase fuel efficiency and extend tire life
• Computerized tire balancing

Our Houston Service Center offers reliable tire brands such as Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear and Bridgestone. Whether you are looking for new tires or need a tire alignment, Sterling McCall Acura offers these brand-name tires and full tire service at competitive prices. We also wash and vacuum every car brought in for service.

Schedule an appointment with one of our technicians today. Questions? Contact us at (713) 596-2332.

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Whether you’re looking for oil change, tire service, battery replacement, brake specials, or other auto service deals in Houston, we’ve got you covered.

Our competitive pricing and factory-trained Acura mechanics, are here for you. Contact us today for a complete list of the most up-to-date auto service discounts on offer.

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Google Jan 21, 2020

Honestly one of the better dealership experiences I've had for car buying. (Haven't used the service department, so this review does not address service). In the past week I visited about 7 dealerships for 5 different auto brands. Some were pretty bad, some were average. Buying with Drew Spence at Acura, however, was great. He didn't play any games. We got our trade in valued first so we knew our budget up front. We then discussed our budget and he only showed us vehicles within it. He then worked with us on rebates to get us into that budget. He also respected ...

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Google Jan 21, 2020
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Google Jan 20, 2020

Good Evening Sterling McCall AcuraI would like to take this time to recognize Brandy. I really appreciate her service along with her honest. Brandy always seem to go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfied her customers and that's the kind of person a dealership needs. There isn't nothing to big or to small she wouldn't help with. She also try cleaning up the acts of others when something isn't done right. There is also other gentlemen in the sales department I would like to thank as well. But if I had to put an number in on ...

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Google Jan 20, 2020

5 Stars for my service advisor, Trenisha. I have to put it here since Sterling McCall never sends me a survey to rate my satisfaction with her service for my visits. She has taken care of me 3 times, providing excellent customer service and yet I have never received an opportunity to rate her. EVERY other random male advisor prior to her, I have received a survey. What's up with that?

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Google Jan 20, 2020

Great selection of cars, great prices and best service. As a realtor, my car is essential for my business and this guys (a special thanks to Juan) have helped me keeping the best vehicle for the lowest cost (including maintenance, depreciation, etc).I definitely recommend Sterling McCall Acura.

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