Sell Your Car Or Truck In Houston

sell your car or truck in houston

Sterling McCall Acura welcomes you to sell your car or truck in Houston, TX.

The prices on cars have never been this high, and if you need to get the most for your ride, come Sell Us Your Car Online. There are free websites to sell cars, trucks, and SUVs if you need to get max value out of your vehicle, but despite being free they do have unique issues. To receive top dollar, you may be required to fix the problems on your vehicle. Then, you have to make time to meet potential buyers (who are going to low-ball you). It can be frustrating, and if you do come to an agreement on price, receiving the money may just be a whole new challenge. We make it simple to sell us your car. Bring it to us or submit an online appraisal, and quicker than you might expect, you’ll have money in your pocket.

Benefits of Selling Your Car or Truck at Sterling McCall Acura

Don't Want The Hassle, Sell Us Your Used Car

Don’t Want The Hassle, Sell Us Your Used Car

Even if you are not ready to buy one of our cars, we will still give you top dollar for yours. Just bring your vehicle title, and we’ll handle the rest! Still making payments on the vehicle, give us the information, and we’ll pay it off. No more waiting for buyers, do the online paperwork and be done with it. We will even come to get your vehicle, so you can sit back and get paid.*
*Some exclusions apply.

Get Your Car Now With No Waiting

Get Your New Car Now

In today’s used car market, when you see a vehicle that you want, then you really should act quickly. Even as chip shortages are being addressed, inventory levels are still at low levels. Buyers need to act quickly or risk the car being sold. When you sell through a private sale, it may take several weeks to find the right buyer. At that point, your new car has probably already been sold. Selling us your car means you get your new car right now, no waiting.

Sell Your Used Car Privately For Cash, Lose Tax Savings

Lose Tax Savings If You Don’t Trade In Your Used Car

In many circumstances, local tax laws allow the seller to deduct the trade-in amount from the purchase price of your new car. As an illustration, if you trade your $25k pickup truck for a $50,000 sports car, you would just be liable for the taxes on the difference ($25,000). Yet, if you sold your vehicle in a private sale for $30,000 and used that as a down payment on the same sports car, your auto loan might be smaller, but you would still be paying taxes on the original value of the new sports car ($50k).

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Sell Your Car In Houston At Sterling McCall Acura

Sterling McCall Acura is one of the most trusted places to sell your car or truck in Houston, TX. Visit our Acura dealership online or in person to get a competitive offer for your used vehicle. We make the process quick and easy. We will purchase your car even if you don’t buy one from us. Our friendly staff is standing by to help you get you started.

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