Leasing vs Buying a New Acura Car or SUV in Houston TX

Houston Acura Lease vs Buy Car/SUV

Ask Sterling McCall Acura: Should You Buy or Lease Your New Acura?

The research is done, and you’ve made your choice on your new Acura. But before you sign on the dotted line, have you considered the benefits available to you when you lease an Acura? If you’ve got a few minutes, Sterling McCall Acura’s team of automotive leasing experts want to help you make an informed decision between the benefits of buying or leasing your next Acura.

There are many benefits to either buying or leasing. Determining which option is best for you really boils down to your personal preferences for your vehicle. The best way to make an informed decision is to ask yourself some important automotive questions:

Up-Front Down payment is typically less with leasing than buying. Down payment can be rolled into the total cost or used to significantly reduce your monthly payment.
Ownership While you don’t own it, you can easily upgrade to the newest model when the lease is over. You own it. If financed, when loan is paid off it is yours. Yes!
Monthly Payment Lease payments are generally smaller than auto financing with a loan. This is because you are only paying for vehicle depreciation and ‘rent’ fees during term of the lease. Loan payments are generally higher than leasing. This is because you are paying off the full price of the vehicle.
Mileage Mileage limits. Your lease includes a standard amount of miles related to vehicle depreciation. Fees are incurred for extra miles accrued. Repair costs. As the vehicle owner, unless you opted in for a service package at time of purchase, you are responsible for maintenance, service & repair of your new vehicle.
Repair Warranty Maintenance. Most auto lease packages come with a warranty, this covers most maintenance and repair costs. Repair costs. As the vehicle owner, unless you opted in for a service package at time of purchase, you are responsible for maintenance, service & repair of your new vehicle.
Contract Contract. Yes, a lease is a contract. Expect early termination costs and fees. Also, vehicle customization is not allowed. No Contract. Sell when you want. Customize to your hearts content.


Are you a car-keeper or a car-trader?

  • If you’re the type to keep your car for 5 or more years, then you’ll benefit more from financing your new Acura
  • If you like getting a new car every 3 to 5 years, leasing could be for you.

Are you a commuter or a road-tripper?

  • If your annual mileage is less than 15,000 miles, you’re a prime leasing candidate
  • Love taking long road trips and regularly exploring the countryside in your vehicle? You’ll definitely want to purchase your new Acura.

Are you a vehicular decorator?

  • If personalizing your car with exterior and/or interior artwork is a high priority, buying is your only option.
  • If you’re not interested in customizing your vehicle, you might consider leasing your new Acura.

Are regular car payments in your budget?

  • If you’re looking for a temporary car payment, then financing your new Acura is your best option.
  • Perpetual car payments not a problem? You’re going to love our low lease payments at Sterling McCall Acura.

Do you like handling your vehicle’s maintenance?

  • If you are a do-it-yourself mechanic, your best option is to buy your new Acura.
  • Happy letting ASE Certified Technicians work on your Acura? Your Sterling McCall Acura lease will cover most service and maintenance needs.

Contact Sterling McCall Acura About Buying or Leasing Your Next Acura

Sterling McCall Acura is committed to provide our customers with everything they need to make the best automotive financing or leasing decisions. So, please bring all of your questions to our highly trained team of Acura experts and let us help you find the Acura deal that best meets your driving needs. Simply shop us online or contact Sterling McCall Acura to get everything you need to experience Precision Crafted Performance®.



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Google Feb 20, 2019
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Google Feb 19, 2019

First went to John Eagle Acura and they had very bad customer service, called Sterling McCall Acura and had amazing customer service from a phone call then while I was there changing my battery. Highly recommend this place for your car needs!! Amazing team there with great customer service! Will be back to service my Acura.Update 2/16/19Great customer service from Acura again, especially Diase Sunny very helpful in providing status updates and service about my car.

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Google Feb 18, 2019

Overall, my experience here has been great. The salesman, Mike, was helpful, not too pushy in securing a sale and clear on the agreement. The people in the service department are routinely nice and happy to answer questions. However, I have an ongoing problem with a rattle on the back dash that they have been unable to resolve. It started as only noticeable when certain songs were played on the stereo but has progressed over time. I know that they worked a long time to try to resolve it, which is why I am only lowering my rating from 5 to 4, but it is still an unresolved problem.

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Google Feb 18, 2019
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Google Feb 18, 2019

David was in top of things start to finish! Thank you!

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